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Capital and innovation for a new Africa

By 2050, one in four humans will call Africa home. It is doubling in size and is the last frontier of economic growth on our planet.

The potential is obvious. The opportunities are not.

The continent is a complex myriad of cultures, economies and legislative structures. It will take 21st century foresight and regional expertise to tap into the greatest opportunity of our generation.

Grey Elephant Advisory is a team of East Africa focused investment professionals and entrepreneurs, with a cumulative 15 years of experience operating in the region.

We exist to propel the breakthrough technologies and business models creating a new Africa.

Our work is tailored to you and your capital's needs. We can structure your fund, deploy the capital and help your businesses grow through our bespoke investment management and venture development services.

Investment Management

Our services are bespoke to your fund's capabilities and investment thesis. You will access emerging companies shaping the future of Africa's economy and receive guidance on optimal investment structures and instruments to manage your risk.

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Portfolio Support

Your startup needs to fine tune its product, get it to market and scale. We can help with all this. Whether its technical or commercial expertise, we provide the support your portfolio needs so you can reliably hit all your growth metrics.

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Shudhan Kohli

Shudhan has spent the last four years investing in East African technology startups. He has built and advised both venture and private equity backed businesses for 10 years in the Americas and Africa.

Akshay Haria

Akshay has over 10 years of experience penetrating markets in East Africa for brands such as Bayer, Pfizer, and others. He invests in technology, manufacturing and real estate in the region.


On-demand door-to-door delivery services for anything from a parcel to a shipping container.

Software infrastructure and operational support for emergency response teams.

Distribution of ethanol as a cooking fuel using the oil & gas supply chain and IoT vending machines.

Distribution of FMCGs to informal businesses in urban slums using mobile ordering systems & tuk-tuks for delivery.


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